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Paul George wearing remastered air Jordan 4 "doernbecher"

Friday, November 14, 2014 5:31:33 AM America/New_York

Back in August, when Paul George to participate in an exhibition basketball game on the US team has been great harm. Since then, Paul had planned to come back, and hope to have a better performance on the basketball court, we found that he soon returned to the state.


October 22, the Small Forward of the Indiana Pacers has post in Instagram made his own in the gym to practice shooting video. However, there are other things in the video. In addition to trying to steal the ball and his dog outside, Paul George feet wearing Air Jordan 4 "doernbecher". Of course, this may be because there we did not find Paul George in court wearing Jordan sneakers, but in 2015, he also has his own signature Air Jordan shoes.

On this particular classic and memorable "doernbecher", you can see Paul wearing exactly the Jordan brand new release of colorway. More specifically, Jordan sneakerhead see 4 "doernbecher" as one pair of the best doernbecher design. This colorway, include its lime green laces and midsole, as well as the Superman logo featured on the tongue.

It may be just a coincidence, in 2015 will be re-engraved, Jordan sneakerhead happen to find Paul George wearing air Jordans. Although the reader is correct if they suspect Paul George does not wear repair iteration new sneakers. However, the abrupt appearance of this series explained Jordan in the 2015 release of the system, will include Jordan IV "doernbecher" color.

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Could the Jordan Release Dates for 2015 Be the Last?

Monday, September 15, 2014 3:02:56 AM America/New_York


There are no details at this moment over what the Jordan release dates are expected to be at this given time. However, there is a real potential that the 2015 releases may end up being the last ones.


The main reason for this is because Michael Jordan has been rather upset over how his products are being managed. That is, he feels that Nike has not been working with the strict quality standards that he insists that his products are to be made with.


A recent interview that Jordan had with Power 107.5, a popular hip hop station in the Columbus, Ohio area, revealed that he is not happy with how Nike is not coming up to par with the standards that he wants the company to work with. That is, he feels that he wants his shoes to be made with strict quality controls. He has especially been upset with Nike over how his brand's products don't seem to have the stunning looks or remarkable features that they used to have.


As a result, Jordan is hoping to end the brand in 2015. He especially wants to focus more of his time on his new family. He has a new wife with twins.


This comes as a real stunner as Jordan made $90 million from Nike this past year. The only active or retired athlete who made more money than he did last year was Floyd Mayweather


This is a big development for a brand that has been around for nearly thirty years. The Jordan release dates 2015 has to work with are unclear at this time but the potential for the Jordan brand to die out could be a big point to watch for. It could really be fascinating for all to see. It will help to keep tabs on what's going on with 23isback to see when the new releases are to come out at some point.

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